Blogging Future and answering questions

So over the last few months I’ve had a few questions from fellow archers at shoots, many of whom are followers of this site. In response I’m going to try and answer their questions now.

Why not YouTube?

A couple of people have asked why I don’t produce video or YouTube blogs like other archery reviewers. There are quite a few UK based sites such as the Merlins archery adventures , Wolfie instinctive archery , Nathan Skyrme add to these the US sites like 3D Archery  and you can see there are quite a few.

Perfect face for radio

Perfect face for radio

The simple answer is, I have a perfect face for radio 🙂
I’m also too self conscious when in front of the camera, so prefer a written or at least typed blog.

What are your future plans for the off the arrow shelf blog?

Autumn, or Fall for my American readers, is here, making for shorter days and longer nights. It also marks the slow down in the field archery calendar with less shoots along with less time and opportunities to practice.
This will mean a slight switch in articles as I post less shoot reports. My plan is to write a few more equipment reviews on items archers might feel useful.

Timber Creek Cobra

Timber Creek Cobra

I’m presently working on one on the Bear Grylls walking trousers, Leatherman multi tools, Timber Creek Cobra, along with testing the prokill24 target faces. I am always looking for other ideas for reviews, so let me know if you have any suggestions.

Example of the Prokill target face on the practice bosses

Example of the Prokill target face on the practice bosses

The winter months give me some time to catch up on my reading so I’m looking at literature reviews along with general archery or coaching related topics, including the use of mobile apps and cameras to support archery coaching.

How many Off the arrow shelf blogs are there?

The original blog is the one on WordPress which has been going for a number of years and has over 260 articles.
I recently started a tumblr site too as I found there was quite a lot of good material on there along with reaching a larger audience.
I can also be found on instagram, which is my latest adventure into blogging.

So there you have it. I’m always happy to hear from readers and it’s even better when I actually get chance to chat with you at shoots. Please come over and say hello.
Thanks for reading.

Youtube videos by Wolfie Instinctive Archer worth a view

Some of you may have heard of a mate of mine and fellow archer Wolfie Instinctive Archer.

Wolfie runs a video blog  (when not developing his acting career) on youtube ( which is well worth a visit, and has a variety of reviews of equipment from bows to quivers and tips on shooting (one posting I’ve linked to in the past is Longlife Squirrel Blitz…)

I was talking to him at last weekends Hawk shoot (Shoot report to follow, sorry all been a bit busy this week) about a couple of recent purchases from Cupido  bows and how impressed he has been by their build quality and performance.

Well Wolfie has done a couple of video reviews recently on these  bows that I thought I might share. This is a link to his youtube channel and skip down the play list to the  Scythian Longbow by Cupido bows.

Please note I have no commercial connection to Cupido  bows or Pierre, but if you want to contact them here is Pierres details Pierre de Wet ( Pierres hasn’t got a website up and running yet but hopes to have soon. There is a Facebook page for Cupido bows (

As always thanks for reading and I’ll try and get the Hawk shoot report up this weekend.