Shoot Report – Castle shoot August Bank Holiday 2011

A few photos from a cracking weekend

Photos from weekend

Photos from weekend

Castle August 2011 Above is the trophy Sharon won on the First day

Over the bank holiday weekend we journeyed up to the Castle Bowmen grounds for there 2 1 day shoots. Neither of us had shot Castle before and thought this a great opportunity
So early on Saturday morning we packed the car and headed North, via Loughborough as we had to pick up some camping supplies. We’d arranged to meet up with some fellow archers at a local campsite, (thanks Karen for finding the site, was great) Arriving on Saturday afternoon we pitched the tent and then ended up moving it closer to the Conisbrough Castle Archers ( crew.
Saturday was a BBQ and early ish night for the shoot Sunday. This would be a trophy shoot.
The course proved challenging with 4 loops to allow for stops at catering. Think they could have dropped one of the stops. Good selection of distances and some good use of dead ground. Though if you were under 5ft 6 I think a few shots might have proved very tough. We were shooting with 2 great compound archers from Black Sheep, Mark and Lynn.
Sharon won hence the photo and I got a 3rd place. The plan for the evening was a pub meal but when we got to the pub in the village we discovered they had stopped serving so it was across the road and Chinese take away. This was a great idea as it was fantastic, washed down with liberal amount of alcohol back at the campsite.
The only problem being, my shoulder locking up in the evening when I was getting out of my chair, actually read trying to get out of my chair. Guess it’s still not right and I wondered how it would cope with Monday shoot.
Monday saw some changes to the ground, with pegs moved and the organisers taking on some of the comments from the previous day had changed a few shots. Always good to see a slightly different course on the second day rather than the same again. Again we had the good fortune to shoot with Mark and Lynn
Mark put in a storming day of shooting scoring 900 points, sadly my back and should started playing up three quarters way round, but that was nothing in comparison to Lynn who at one target had her back crack. At this point I must say I think she was fantastic, you could see the pain in her face but she refused to give in and though her score dropped slightly she still put in a storming show. Well done a true inspiration to anyone who has physical difficulties but doesn’t allow them to stop them enjoying the hobby.
So how did the second day go?
Sharon won her second 1st in 2 days and I put in a personal best of 702 to win too.

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