Preperation for NFAS Nationals

Ok so the NFAS  national championships are approaching, 17th-18th of September. Between now and then I have one shoot Pines Park on the 11th.

More importantly I need to make about another dozen arrows up and do some, no lots of practise.

Reading the NFAS webboard it is interesting to see that there appears to be far fewer entries to the Champs this year than last. There area lots of theories as to why this may be the case, from the cost of petrol to the fact it is only paper faces.

Personnally I prefer shooting 3Ds but the nationals is always a bit more than just a championship, its a social and last year though smaller than previous years was still fun.

Sadly I will have to be shooting the recurve as my should is not strong enough to cope with the AFB

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