Shoot Report – NFAS Nationals

Well it’s been a while since I last posted on this this blog, so here goes.

So what has been happening?

The big thing has been the NFAS National Championships 17th-18th September at Eastnor Castle, near Ledbury. This is a 2 day shoot, where you shoot 2 different courses. A course on Saturday and this year Y course on Sunday. Photos here

Originally there were to be 4 courses, 2 for wooden arrows (A+B) and 2 for metal (X+Y), but thereweren’t enough entires to warrent 4 courses so X course was dropped. This was a bit of a shame as it meant as I thikn it was obvious that Y course was not set for wooden arrows. I’m not complaining about the distances of the shots, but the choice of faces (very skinny for the distances) meant it pretty tough for woods. Whilst discussing target faces I was disappointed by the number of repeated faces on the courses. There are enough faces out there for a nationals course not to have to repeat faces

On the subject of target faces Merlin Archery ( had a selection of new taret faces on display at their stall.Nice to see some new taret faces and some of them look really good.

We headed down on Friday and pitched the tent in the afternoon, glad we headed down in day light as it wasn’t the easiest place to find. There were a few people who had to pitch their tent in the dark, witht he aid of headlights and torches.

Ok so how did we get on? Well not too bad really. I came 20th in my category, best result at a nationals. Am really proud of Sharon though as she came 2nd (was second after the first day and managed to hold it together onthe second day despite a harder course) My personal achievement was not blanking any targets over teh weekend. Oh and we were 10 points behind the winners of the Nearest and Dearest trophy (2004 to 2014, Congrats to Andy and Carol Soars)

There are a load of photographs of thecourse and the weekend  (

Overall a good weekend. Think the cost and distance may have put some people off which is a shame and maybe something organisers need to consider in the future

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