Pines Park 9th September 2011

It was once again with some nervousness I returned to Pines Park this last weekend. I hadn’t shot the week before as I was helping out at Artemis Archers site (they are about to run their first NFAS shoot in November and there is still quite a bit of work to be completed for the course) Sadly Artemis have been the victim of vandals that have repeatedly burnt their buildings and some bosses.
I’d managed to shoot a little on Saturday but my should was aching and causing quite a bit of pain so kept it to just a few shots at the practise bosses. Back to the Pines Park shoot.

It was a 36 target course with a mix of paper and 3Ds. Some people had commented they would prefer all paper faces in readiness for the nationals, but I like many others thought the mix was just right
By their standards it was a quite shoot with only about 100 archers in attendance, which made for a very relaxed feel. Sharon and I were joined by Helen “H” Harris from LEFA, making only 3 of us in the shouting group. Big thanks to H for her support and company, was a great laugh. Maybe some people had been put off by the weather forecast but it remained dry and not that cold, but it was windy at times. Despite my shoulder giving me quite a lot of pain I managed to scrape a 3rd place with 526 points. When the painkillers kicked in the afternoon my score jumped by 100 points!! Must remember them for next weekend and take them in good time. Sharon didn’t shoot too well but managed a 2nd place (This in theory meant she bought dinner on Sunday night, which ended up being fish and chips by the way, but she didn’t have any cash)
The course was really good, with only a couple of targets that could be thought of as stretched distances and enjoyed shooting the new paper faces they have got from flybow ( in Ireland. If you could mark 24s on them I think they would be great. I’ve shot their course 5-6 times and think this was by far the best they had laid, with some really nice 3D locations that just looked good and right.
Top marks pines and look forward to next one. Now just have to survive the nationals

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