Pines Park charity Shoot

Pines Park charity shoot this weekend saw approximately 100+ archers manage to bypass the car-boot sale and road works to get to the woods.

Despite the best efforts of the stormy weather, the organisers put on another good show, with 36 3D targets out at different distances, and settings. The longest being the giant grizzly that looked deceptively small from the shooting peg.

The organisers have changed the layout again, shortening the course walk out but still keeping the same feel for the woods. This enabled us to pass catering twice and allowed for a very free-flowing course, with no hold ups we were aware of. Would have liked to see a few marshalls at the longer shots to help search for arrows as this slowed us down some.  Keeping the numbers down on the pegs worked well, with most groups being only 4.

Sharon won Gold on her first competition shooting in BareBow, Well done. Other members of Black Arrow (BAFAC) did well with Adrian getting bronze with his new bow and Barry coming 20 points behind third place in Longbow (not bad for his first ever NFAS shoot)

Sadly I did not do well, managing to snap 3 arrows (2 in targets) and shooting very poorly. I could blame the arrows etc but think it is more me 😦


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