Paget de Vesey Company of Archers Feb 2012

Well last weekend saw us head to Birmingham for the annual Paget de Vesey Company of Archers shoot. A shoot where there is always a great selection of cakes and top notch catering. Lovely lemon drizzle cakes.
Having spent time on the range on the Saturday i was hopeful of doing ok. Sadly this would not be a return to form other than poor form.
I Always think of this shoot being the start of the NFAS  year with it often being  a little chilly. This year it was a couple of weeks later in the calendar. Not sure how but organisers had managed to have a dusting of snow which made the woods look great if a little cold. This was to be their first all 3D course and i think it worked well.
Organisers had also invested in some New 3D targets which was good to see and were  positioned to be challenging for archers. Thought a few could do with backstops that weren’t trees as this took a heavy tole on arrows (one in our group broke i think 6 ACE carbons and i broke 3 piles. Though a couple of mine were more due to my poor shooting rather than target placement 😉 )
I think the format of a shoot this year worked well, with a shoot through rather than stopping for lunch. Meant it wasn’t such a long day and we got to leave whilst still light 🙂
The one positive I can take from the event is I didn’t blank any target. I came in with just over 14 point average. Top afb came in with 666.
Sharon won ladies barebow. Would have liked the organisers to have released the scores at prize awards rather than just 1st 2nd and 3rd but they have posted them on the web ( Guess I didn’t do too bad with 5th place
Big thanks to the organisers and will look forward to next year.

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