Archery tip – always carry tape

Always carry tape in your quiver or pouch on a shoot.
I have found that carrying micro pore tape to be incredibly useful and now always carry some with me.
I have used it not only to patch up fellow archers when they have cut themselves and required the wound dressing, but also useful for broken arrows, especially carbon ones
No I’m not suggesting using the tape to repair the arrow, that would be a really bad idea.
Time and time again I have seen archers who have splintered a carbon arrow simply drop it into their quiver, potentially resulting a quiver full of carbon splinters. A simple solution to this is to cover the tip in tape, this stops the arrow from splintering more and filling your quiver with splinters. Just be careful when applying the tape to avoid getting splinters in your fingers.
Any sticky tape will do and a good alternative is gaffa / duct tape, though carrying a roll of this on a shoot might be a little bulky

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