Scottish NFAS Championships

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Easter saw the NFAS Scottish Champs come round and this year it was to be a little different, with there being both a 3D course and a paper faces course.

Traditionally the champs have always been 2 paper faces courses so there was quite a bit of interest in how this might be organised, especially as the site is a disused quarry.
Having shot the site a couple of years ago, and not being able to make it last year we thought it worth the investment in time, fuel and potential arrows 😉 Also very aware of the weather, last time we ventured north it threw it down on the first day leaving us all soaked cold and wet
The first day would see me on the paper course (B) and second day on the all 3D course. Sharon would do A first and B on Sunday as she was now shooting in the Bare Bow class
This was my first target of Day 1
Scottish Champs - first target on first day
Sadly Saturday saw me shoot abysmally, scoring little over 400 on a 36 target round, just couldn’t get my head in it at all (think that was one of the worst scores I’ve had in years, having blanked 5 targets). Having said that I had a great group and the 3 of us didn’t stop laughing and joking all the way round the course.
Scottish Champs - another  target on first day
Really enjoyed the 3D course and thought it was well set to make use of the terrain with nothing stretched. The use of dead ground and the natural geography was done to complement the shots not to make them impossible. Came in with over 580 and only blanked one.
Score card from first day course
Score card from 3D course on second day
Speaking of the ground, there had been much talk and concern over the use of 3D targets in a disused quarry, can anyone say snap, oops another broken arrow. There were no backstops other than ground, which was liberally covered in very hard stones or trees. Having said that I only broke one arrow, though Sharon does have a very nicely bent one. I know a few people snapped arrows but it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.
Would have liked to have seen all archers in the same class shoot the same course on same day. Think it would give a fairer reflection on the difficulty of the courses.
We were also very lucky with the weather, with the rain only appearing late on Sunday.
Congrats to Sharon on getting 4th place. Not bad for only shooting the bow for less than 3 months
The full results are available from the Aulk Kirk Bowmen website

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