Distance calculator for NFAS shoots in UK

distance calculator

In a time when fuel costs have been rising along with the costs of living, more and more archers are selecting the shoot they travel too not only on the quality of the course but increasingly based on the cost of getting there. Many are car sharing, in an attempt to keep costs down, but this isn’t always easy. Lets face it getting 2 people and bows, arrows, cases etc in a fully loaded car can be a challenge.
For this reason I thought I’d let people know about this really useful website for all NFAS  archers trying to work out how far shoots are from their home.

You enter your home postcode and then select the NFAS shoot club. It calculates distance and directions. Details are available off the this excellent archery blog website The Cooked Stick http://thecrookedstick.blogspot.co.uk/

Here is a direct link to the distance calculator.


Hope you find this of use

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