Cost saving tips – alternative fletching tape

I’m going to run a couple of cost saving ideas out there for the next few weeks, for archers and archery clubs. Let’s face it with fuel and living costs rises every penny counts.

In this one I’m offering an alternative to using fletching tape or glue.

I’ve started using this double-sided sticky tape to fletch club arrows a few months ago. It’s available from Hobbycraft stores and is a lot less than tape sold at archery shops. It’s only a couple of pounds for the long roll, which is able to do a load of arrows.

image of fletching tape

It’s proved to work well on club arrows and not had any fletching come off in the 6 months I’ve been using it. I’ve found the 6mm wide tape works best for plastic vanes. This covers the base of the fletching well and you can trim off any excess. There is also a 3mm wide version that I use on feather fletchings.

Importantly I have found it bounds onto aluminium arrows well, can’t testify on carbons as all our club arrows are aluminium. I have tested it on a few wooded arrows and works on those too.

As I said I am hoping to run a few money saving articles so if you have any cost saving ideas let me know or share them.
Thanks for reading, stay safe.

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