3D targets stolen

I’ve just heard that Company of 60 archers have had a load of 3D targets stolen. 19 3D targets in total, varying in size and condition (some were new, but all are branded with CO60). I’ve copied a list below, so if you get offered any cheap 3D it could be theirs.

This is a massive loss for any club and a real setback for them, but as I understand it their shoot later this year (September) is still going ahead.

If you have any details can you contact http://www.co60.co.uk/index.shtml or DC Gamble at Surrey Police. A full list of the targets and photos can be found here (word format)

Large Targets

  • Reinhart Rising Boar l Used
  • Reinhart leopard / stump l Used
  • Reinhart cougar l Used
  • Reinhart browsing buck l New

Medium Targets

  • Reinhart Cinnamon bear m Used
  • Reinhart Bowhunter Buck m Used
  • Reinhart Bowhunter Buck m Used
  • Eleven WhiteSpot Pig m New
  • Reinhart Peccary s New
  • Reinhart Baboon m New
  • Reinhart Snarling Fox m New
  • Reinhart Coyote m old
  • Reinhart peccary s Used

Small Targets

  • Reinhart skunk s Used
  • Reinhart green frog s Used
  • Reinhart mini bear s Used
  • Artefact Large Owl/Stump s Used
  • Reinhart Raccoon s New
  • Artefact Chipmunk w Log s poor

Lets hope the thieves are caught, please pass this on to other archers and be on the look out. 3D targets are valuable and sadly a target for thieves.

Thanks for reading

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