Theft from midlands Archery Club

A friend has posted this on the NFAS Facebook page and I thought it worth promoting here.

“Fellow archers though these guys are not an NFAS club they are fellow archers and as such I post this sad email……

Ivanhoe archers last night was broken into and had all their 27 trainer bows and approx 200 arrows stolen the value to replace would be approx £3k, should any of you be approached regarding second hand goods please can you let me know so I can inform the police. This is a massive blow to our club so any information would be great full.

Kind regards

From what I understand Ivanhoe club are based in Ashby, Leicestershire, UK I don’t have a breakdown of the types of bows etc but please pass this message on to other clubs and contacts. It is a huge hit for any club.

In addition can I suggest everyone checks the security of their grounds and club stores. I know we used to tag our equipment with the clubs name in case it did go missing.

Thanks for reading

Theft of Equipment from Midlands club

My old club chairman from Black Arrow has contacted me about a theft from a midlands based club and I thought I would try and raise peoples awareness of it here.

Burton Bridge Archers, Burton-on-Trent, have had their club house / storage locker  broken in  and all our beginners bows, arrows, tabs and arm guards had been stolen. Some 60+ bows (including 6 compounds and several lightweight longbows kindly made and donated by their club chairman) .

Please could you pass this on to any clubs you are involved with, especially those in the midlands area of the UK. So they can be on the lookout for second hand equipment suddenly appearing for sale (mainly used wooden riser trainer recurves). My guess is it will appear on eBay or car boot sales.

I wish them all the luck in finding those responsible.

Thanks for reading.