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I’ve owned my Hoyt Horizon 25 inch riser going on six months now, I’ve shot thousands of arrows through it in that time. Enough, to feel comfortable with writing a review of it.

The Horizon riser is a good quality entry level riser. You will absolutely get more bells and whistles out of more expensive risers however the Hoyt Horizon is straightforward, simple, handsome and has been trouble free. I’ve found it easy to adjust and care for which appeals to my minimalist nature.

The stock grip is comfortable and interchangeable with any of Hoyt’s grips, to include wood if you so desire. The bow feels natural and good in hand.

The Horizon is ILF (International Limb Fitting) compatible so you can use any ILF limbs on it. I’m shooting long W & W Sebastian Flute Premium Wood Limbs for a 70 inch bow and am pleased with this combination.

The limb fittings…

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