Archery Panda – Eats shoots and leaves

I’m guessing most with not associate Pandas with Archery, but you might be surprised.

Pandas are not just a kung fu warriors

kung fu panda

Or symbol of world wildlife fund

WWF Logo

But I have heard the phrase Panda used to describe some archers. In respect to the exact phrase “Eats, Shoots & Leaves”  which comes from the book title Eats, Shoots & Leave: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation written by Lynne Truss

So what is an archery panda?

Well it is based round what some people see as a question of archery etiquette. I have little doubt that archery etiquette has been discussed at numerous clubs, events or gathering of archers. What is thought of as acceptable or unacceptable.

As I understand it the phrase describes  “an archer who turns up at a shoot ground, has a bite to eat before the start. Then he or she, shoots round the course and departs before any prize giving or results are announced.”

Eats,  Shoots and Leaves

So what’s wrong with this? If you know you’ve no medal chances why stick around?

From the discussion I have had or heard it is arguably an etiquette thing. You wouldn’t turn up at a friends house party, eat some food, have a brief chat then leave without saying goodbye. So why do it at a shoot?

The other thought is that you should stick around and show your support of other archers, especially the juniors. Added to this is the show of thanks to the organisers of the event.

Granted there are people who will have to leave early, due to work, or life commitments. There are also times when I’ve shot so badly the last  thing I want to do is stick around but it is something I do to show support for the archers there.

So what do people think? Have you come across archery Pandas?

Thanks for reading.

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