Nock, Nock..

Very good advice which is often overlooked even by experienced archers.

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As we become better archers and our groups get smaller, broken nocks get to be a fact of life. They are in fact a sign that you’re coming along, busting nocks left and right.

Handful of nocks

Along with getting better we also need to become more aware. Checking our arrows, nocks and tips as we pull them off the target.

When you break a complete leg off a nock it’s easy to tell you have a problem. Even if you miss it at the bale you won’t be able to nock it onto the string, the damage is too great.

The problem comes when you strike a nock enough to damage it. The nock at first glance looks fine, both legs are there, however it may have a small crack or it may have changed shape and the nock no longer grips the string securely.

When I nock an arrow onto the…

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