Finding help

Happy Easter everyone, I hope you have all had your fill of easter eggs and festivities.

Recently Jordan wrote on her blog site  ( an article on organisations and societies for the newbie, that’s inspired me to do something similar for the UK.

I can’t list every club in the UK but I can point you towards some useful websites so here goes a few.

nfasNFAS – National Field Archery Society –

UK based organisation, which we shoot in most months, there is a good list of clubs and if you want you can find a shoot every weekend.


efaaEFAA – English Field Archery Association Thought I was a member briefly I have never had the opportunity to shoot under the EFAA banner but know many people who do.


archerygbArchery GB As the sites says Archery GB is the governing body for sports archery in the Great Britain and Ireland.

Another useful site is the Archery Interchange, with its extensive forums offering advice on all things archery related.


Thanks for reading and I hope you find this useful.

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