NFAS Championships deadline approaching

Very quick post to remind any NFAS archers out there that the deadline for getting your entrance in for this years National Championships is quickly approaching.nfas

I am not involved in any of the Admin for the NFAS Nationals, but I thought those interested in attending might like to know this in case they had not noticed it on the booking form or website. The closing date for entries on the form is the 23rd August, that’s next week guys !!

If you are wanting to attend best get your entries in ASAP. I don’t know how many are booked in at present. The event is on the weekend of September 21st -22nd, Near Hemel Hempstead UK.

This year the courses are to be a mix of both paper and 3D targets. Historically the event had always been solely paper faces, the change is piloting the idea of a mixed course 60% paper / 40% 3D targets.

Here is a link to the entrance form

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