Shoot report – Wolverine – August 2013

Wolverine - archers waiting to start

Wolverine – archers waiting to start

The night before there had been heavy rain and we had wondered whether this was going to make Wolverine a slipping and  sliding shoot, it turned out to be a bright and not too warm day. Ideal shooting weather.

Our group was made up of 3 fellow SVYF Sue, Jason (both shooting AFB) and Tom shooting bare bow, joined Sharon and myself. This was to be Tom’s first open shoot and I think he might be back judging by his smiles during and at end of day.

Wolverine group - Jason, Tom and Sue

Wolverine group – Jason, Tom and Sue

The course itself was very challenging, comprising of a mix of 3d targets, a couple of hessian or home made ones and a selection of paper faces. There was a lengthy debate at one home made hessian target when we tried to work out if it was a brown bear or kangaroo. After we had shot it and when we got close enough to see it we discovered it was actually a curled up lion. Think we need new glasses!!

Wolverine’s ground is a wooded hillside with an open field at bottom for a few very long shots. Comprising of mature deciduous trees it is quite open allowing for mixed undergrowth and some very nicely framed shots like the mountain lion. (If you can see it past Sharons very bright hat)

Wolverine - Sharon blinding hat

Wolverine – Sharon blinding hat

I know I shoot best when the event flows and there are few hold ups. Unfortunately after the lunch break and for over 10 targets we were delayed by the group in front waiting to shoot as they were being delayed. I know it affected them as I know a couple of them (Danny aka Toast who i shot with in Scotland last year and Rob Cook). Unlike last week I don’t think the delay was due to too many archers just a few slow ones combined with a challenging course.

Toast and Cookie

Toast and Cookie’s group waiting to shoot

Here is a good example of what looks easy yet many archers over shot this 3d hitting the backstop behind.

Not as easy as it looks

Not as easy as it looks

I do really need to work on keeping concentration up though when waiting to shoot. It cost me at least 40 points.

The one downside to Wolverines location is down to the nature of the geography. Wolverine have to have a break for lunch as all the catering and administration are at one end of the woodland. This breaks the flow of the day but is sadly unavoidable.

Sharon was definitely having an off day but managed over 560. Maybe the delays got to her too. Having said that she did have a great shot of the day through the fork of a tree to hit a 3d cheetah.

Wolverine-shot of day by Sharon

Wolverine-shot of day by Sharon

Despite not shooting well, losing concentration due to delays and getting a blank on a target i really should have nailed easily I came in with 626 which got me first place.

In all it was a good shoot with some challenging shots.

Thanks for reading. We are off to a new club next weekend Windrush for a 2 day shoot so hopefully the weather will be kind to us, even if it is August bank holiday.

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