Shoot report – Windrush

Windrush logo

Windrush logo

Firstly apologies for no photos in this shoot report. My camera was buried under waterproof trousers for most of the weekend. Yes a British bank holiday weekend and at times it was very wet, thankfully not all the time.

We set off on Friday afternoon fighting our way through bank holiday traffic arriving shortly after 5 pm at the campsite (read field). Pitching the tent we fixed something to eat before the rest of the svyf group arrived.

very wet Grasshopper on Saturday morning

very wet Grasshopper on Saturday morning

Windrush club ( is just outside Charlbury and were hosting a 2 day shoot over the bank holiday weekend. We hadn’t shot Windrush before and there were a few from svyf who had joined us for the weekend. Numbers at the event were quite low, 80 each day, which we think might be due to a couple of other 2 day shoots on and the Scottish Championships all being that weekend.

Windrush ground is a flat open deciduous woodland with a few areas of scrub and bushes. I think this is their new wood and they have use of part of it all the time and the rest only for the two day event.

The courses were a Mix of 3D and paper faces, 36 targets on each day. With quite a few changes of target faces or 3d targets on the second day. This would make for a very challenging couple of courses. Personally I think a there were a number of targets which were stretched for their size and distance which was a shame as the grounds and setting opportunities were extensive. 2 day shoots are always hard as fatigue sets in possibly compounded by a lack of a decent amount of sleep.

Morning of first day started early with heavy rain and overcast so on went the waterproof jacket and trousers. The second day started with rain but cleared up resulting in a warm sunny day just after lunch.

Windrush worked hard to make it a very sociable Saturday night with a hog roast and live band, who were pretty good playing a mix of blues and rock and roll tracks.

Saturday night band

Saturday Live band

Overall it was an okay weekend, neither of us felt we shot well on what were 2 very challenging courses.

Sharon like myself is struggling with distance judgement. I know I’m looking at targets and thinking okay that’s how far it is and then second guessing myself by thinking this is how far a target of this size should be and shooting it at that distance. Resulting in inevitable falling short as many course layers are stretching the distances targets are placed at. Targets you would expect at 30 yards are being set at 35-40 yards.

One of the hardest shots of weekend was on second day. Target 29 had been a standing 3d black bear facing you at about 48 yards. This worked well as if you misjudged the distance slightly but kept the line you might drop your arrow into the leg. Which i did with my first arrow.However on the second day this had been replaced with a stag at the same distance. The body mass of this target is about 20-22 inches so you lose any chance of dropping into the lower limbs. This takes it from a hard or challenging shot to a very difficult one when you consider you are shooting from behind a mound and having to get under the low canopy. Sharon lost one arrow on this target and I know others did too.

Our thanks to all at Windrush for all the work for the weekend. Great sociable Saturday, loved the band and amazed it stayed fairly dry.

Thanks for reading.

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