Shoot report – South Cheshire – September 2013

First day of September started with an autumnal chill in the air and definitely a cool breeze. Fortunately the day remained dry and did brighten up with us quickly warming up as we got into the woods.

The last time I shot  South Cheshire  my shoulder was still causing me issues. Then we shot with Bob and Jim from Black Arrow. Sunday saw us start on peg 13 and shooting with the pair again. This proved to make for a great day filled with laughing and dry humour. Thanks guys.

South Cheshire grounds are over an hour and a half drive (subject to motorway being clear) so was an early start to get there for 9:30.

The course was a mix of 3D and paper targets, with some lovely set targets including a great one on a log.

Jim shooting Mountain lion on log

Jim shooting Mountain lion on log

One thing we found annoying was how some targets had trees behind them. There must have been at least 5 targets that directly behind the animal high score area there was a tree. Often the targets were 3d deer so if you over or under shot, your arrow would end up in a tree. I wasn’t the only one to fall foul of this and it did cost me a broken arrow and Sharon a bent one.

Due to the geography of the woodland South Cheshire have to break for lunch. Having said this it was a very free flowing day with no hold ups I think because numbers were low.

Some of the home made targets weren’t always easy to identify with a few being a little sticky; made for messy arrows. The club made good use of ground with great use of dead ground to trick the archers.

South Cheshire has a reputation for home made targets and one was great, so long as you aren’t arachnophobic as Spider shot was impressive.

spider from red peg

spider from red peg

Here is a close up.

spider close up - sadly my second arrow

spider close up – sadly my second arrow

In all it was a good shot made better by the company. We were the only ones from Severn Valley that were there but both came away with first paces. Bob came second in Longbow too.

Thanks for reading.

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