Weather battered Britain

Fallen Tree

Fallen Tree

As many of you will know Britain is presently being battered day after day by storm force winds bringing down trees, coastal areas are seeing giant waves destroying sea defences and continual rain which is seeing huge areas of the country water logged with hundreds of homes flooded.
With little rest bite before the next storm hits emergency services are working flat out with the armed forces being deployed in some areas. Can I just say a big thanks to all those helping everyone effected.
The BBC have been showing images of the flooding and devastation. With a live update site here. (
Archery Club too are seeing their grounds suffering. With some club shoots are already having to be cancelled due to water logged grounds or access roads. The NFAS website has the latest details on shoots here.  This was the view that created us this morning on our range behind our house.
From the other side - the black plastic covers a target

From the other side – the black plastic covers a target

Across the country clubs are seeing damage to their grounds too.
Artemis (one of our old clubs based in Derbyshire) recently posted images of fallen trees and flooded areas.

Artemis damage

Artemis damage

SVYF have seen numerous branches down and some fallen trees blocking the water courses. Fortunately a few of us had spent time dredging the main water ways a few weeks before or things might have been far worse.

Nearly under water

Nearly under water

Please take care if you are traveling. Our thoughts and best wishes go out to all those families facing an uncertain future.
Thanks for reading.

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