Students first bow

I had one of those special days that many coaches will understand. I went with one of my newly signed off students to Merlin Archery (  in Loughborough so they could buy their first proper bow.

I’ve been coaching Nick for a couple of months and he’s been using one of my beginner bows during this time. He’s now got to a stage where he has been signed off and wants to get his own bow. So I arranged to go up to Loughborough and meet him when he went to get his bow to offer some advice and moral support.
He’s ended up with a SF riser and limbs which no doubt will be put to test tomorrow down at the wood. Its a great feeling to see a student develop and progress to getting their first real bow.
I would like to say a big thanks to Merlin staff (Dan and co) for all the time spent today with Nick. It was also great to finally meet up with Jim Grizzly Kent who runs Merlin Archery Adventures youtube channel and web blog (
Thanks for reading.

2 comments on “Students first bow

  1. I’ve been shooting my old very old compound bow for a few months now and although I enjoy it I keep thinking “I wonder if a newer bow would be even better?” – of course bows have come a long way since 1980! Its looking like an SF riser and some limbs…or a BuckTrail Antelope / or a flatbow or something similar. Or even a Hoyt Dorado… the trouble is I need to TRY these things to see what I like…..


    • Hi Scott. Thanks for the comment and views. You might find a local club that have them to try. Also a decent archery shop will allow you to try different bows out.


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