Cricket tragedy affects us all

I’m not a cricket fan but can’t help feeling for the friends and family of Australian cricketer Philip Hughes who died following being hit in the head by a cricket ball. He was doing what he enjoyed and had worked hard for. A series of tributes across the globe displaying cricket caps and bats are appearing on social media sites.
In our hobby we often talk of the dangers of archery and safety of courses, equipment and archers. When you consider there are over six thousand members of the nfas with shoots nationwide every weekend there are a lot of arrows flying round with thankfully few issues. Incidents like these make me  think and goes to show how fragile life can be.
My thoughts also go to the bowler Sean Abbott, who bowled the ball that hit Philip. I  can’t imagine how Sean must fee, l I just hope he receives the support and time to recover. From everything I have read and seen it was a freak accident.
Thanks for reading.

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