Simple coaching tip

Use of technology to help archers

Use of technology to help archers

Those that follow me on instagram or tumblr may have seen the photo of a new toy my friend Andy has picked up to help with coaching. It’s a cradle that holds his tablet and allows it to be connected to a tripod.

View of the tripod set up

View of the tripod set up with Andy shooting

We were testing it out at our coaching day down at the wood and it has proved very useful providing a stable platform for recording archers shooting and then playing it back.

Provides easy playback

Provides easy playback

Andy has also picked up a little bluetooth remote allowing him to trigger the recording from a short distance. (Couple of metres)
Video resources can be immensely useful for many sports, archery included and they are becoming more common, with the growth of YouTube and ease by which people can make and edit recordings increasing the number of budding Spielbergs are out there.
Making videos where I’m in front of the camera has never appealed to me. As someone once said “I have the perfect face for radio” , but I can see their merits of using them in coaching.
For this reason I  have been using simple video software application called Technique for a while and in the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting more on their benefits in the meantime thanks for reading.

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