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What would you like me to review?

Hi all
I’m thinking of doing some more equipment and book reviews and I thought it would be cool to have you guys give me your thoughts on what you’d like to see.
So I’m looking to you my readers and followers to give me some feedback, maybe there is a book you’ve found inspirational?
I’m not sponsored by anyone so I’ll be funding it out of my own pocket so much as I’d love to do lots of bows etc funds are limited.
So let me know what you think.
Thanks for reading.

2 comments on “What would you like me to review?

  1. I think you have come up with a few great ideas with book and kit reviews and asking your avid reader what they want and think Here is a thought how about asking people at shoots that you attend what setups work for them and why Like arrows , fletchings type of quivers . On the basis of the more information you have the better your decisions could be.
    Regards John C

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