Off the Arrow Shelf Podcasts

Off the Arrow Shelf Podcasts

As many of you will know about 6 months ago I started producing podcasts having been inspired by others in the UK and beyond. Mine are aimed at supporting field archery in the UK. I now have a back catalogue of some recordings so I thought it a good time to start promoting them.

In the latest podcast I try and answer a followers question. Thanks for reading and listening

episode 29 – answering a listener question on shooting with ongoing injury Off the Arrow Shelf

Welcome to episode 29 from Off the Arrow Shelf. As always, I hope you and all your family and friends are well. In this podcast episode I am going to trying to answer a followers question concerning how an archer can cope with an ongoing or permanent injury.  They have an injury following a motor vehicle accident and have had to adapt their archery to accommodate this. In this podcast I’m going to reference the archers triangle and how the 3 elements (Arrow, Bow and Archer) can be reviewed and adapted to accommodate changes. I really enjoy getting feedback from listeners and any questions or thoughts let me know, you can drop me an email on or via the website Stay safe, stay well and thanks for listening. #bows # arrows #fieldarchery #archerycoaching #archery #archerypodcast #archerylife #archer #bowsandarrow #tradarchery #traditionalarchery #bowandarrow #bow #arrow #archeryfamily #nfas #flatbow #barebow
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