Broken Carbon arrow wrapped in tape

Quick tip – Preventing carbon splinters in quiver

The vast majority of us are responsible archers, by this I mean we clean up after ourselves and don’t leave rubbish cluttering up the woods.
So if we break arrows we take the bits home, but if these bits are broken carbon arrows we don’t want carbon splinters in our quiver.
I think this is potentially the most useful of the non-normal uses for micropore tape the sort you might have in your first aid kit. I also think this is good for all archers to know whether they shoot carbon arrows or not.
Micropore Tape - how useful

Micropore Tape – how useful

When carbon arrows break it can result in very sharp splinters (splinters that aren’t picked up in x-rays and can be very hard to extract). On a side note I find it is amazing how few people realise the potential issues of getting these in your skin.

If I find a broken carbon arrow I will wrap tape round the end and down the shaft if required, so protecting myself from any splinters, before putting in my quiver for disposal later.

Broken Carbon arrow wrapped in tape close up

Broken Carbon arrow wrapped in tape close up

This means I’m less likely to have splinters in my quiver or worse me.  I use the same technique on aluminium arrows when they break so the sharp edges don’t catch on the quiver or me.  Hope this is of use.
Thanks for reading.