image of Poster tube with arrows

Cost saving – arrow tubes

As I said in my last article , when I talked about options for cheap fletching tape . I am trying to offer some thoughts on cost savings for archery clubs and archers out there. 

In this one I am going to look at an option for storing and transporting arrows. This is something we all have to do and normally done in purpose made arrow tubes or quivers. I’m also going to make a suggestion on how you might be able to get discount vouchers. 

For a few years I’ve been using poster tubes I buy from the local Hobbycraft store


image of a lockable poster tube
Lockable poster tube

I’ve posted about this before ( They work pretty well for transporting arrows, but there are a couple of things to consider. They are designed to transport paper not sharp pointy arrows, so consider this when loading them up.

Second thing is the plastic is not very thick so its a good idea to reinforce the inside of the cap and bottom with something.

image of Poster tube cap needs protection
Poster tube cap needs protection

I use some foam off cuts from a camping roll or the like of about 1 cm thick. 

image of the poster tube cap with foam
Poster tube cap with foam

A good tip that can save you  money is to sign up to their loyalty card. By doing this you often receive discount codes or £5 vouchers for you next shop. Since the arrow tubes are only £11, effectively you are getting it for almost half price, in fact they used to be £10 (details can be  found here for the loyalty card (

If you have any money saving tips then please let me know here.

Thanks for reading