Do any of you find motivation in song lyrics?

I know I used to have a playlist of rock tracks for when I’d be at the gym to keep me upbeat through the workout.
There are other tracks that make you think or possibly remind you of childhood. Maybe it’s a title track of a TV show or the first single you bought. So what has this to do with archery?
I was browsing YouTube as you do and came across the title music to The Flashing Blade. This was a kids TV show shown in UK back in the 1970s dubbed into English (I think it was French originally

It followed a small band of heroes in the musketeers theme, think sword fights and flintlock pistols. It wasn’t a big budget show or that good but it was Saturday morning and summer holidays tv which you watched on a rainy summers day. The thing is that the lyrics to the titles have stuck with me for years.
As long as we have done our best
Then no one can do more
This got me thinking about archery and how I’ve been struggling with confidence.
If you’re doing your best then great, you might not achieve your goals but you’ve done all you can. The key is you’ve done your best, you’ve made the effort.
I took the shot as well as I could at that time. Okay so you may have dropped short or thrown your arm, messed up the release but you tried. You set out to do your best and make the best shot you can.

Often there is the doubt that creeps in as to whether you have done your best. This brings me on to the next segment of lyrics I remember.

And we should never count the cost
Or worry that we’ll fall

Many of us worry about falling or failing whether it be at work, home or on a shoot. If that becomes the focus of our thoughts it is very self damaging, believe me I know. I’ve been there and still trying to find a consistent way out.

It’s better to have fought and lost
Than not have fought at all.

 If you don’t try then you’ve already lost. Yes it’s hard, read very hard, at times to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start again. There is one thing I can guarantee,  you will miss the opportunity of every shot or arrow you don’t take.
The interesting thing about this was that I tried to apply some of these lyrics at the 3D championships last weekend. (Yes I will be writing a full review of this event in the next week or so). I hadn’t been feeling confident and due to work and life commitments hadn’t been doing enough positive practise. Yes I had been shooting but not accomplishing the results I wanted in grouping or distance judgement. So when the inevitable missed shot came in I wasn’t surprised, I started the feeling of self doubt and its at this point I thought back to the reading I had been reviewing.
I realised I had to approach each shot as a new start, far easier said than actually done. I forced myself to focus on form and that I was doing the best I could, if I hit or missed it was the best I could have done at the time.
Well it seemed to have worked. I shot two days at a champs and didn’t fall apart. I didn’t win any medals but I did better than I thought. In short there is hope out there for all of us.
Thanks for reading.

New year resolutions? Don’t keep them for new year..

Sunrise on a new year

Sunrise on a new year

I know this is the time of year that many people start thinking about the future months and make various new year resolutions from, losing weight and eating healthily to quitting smoking etc. In archery terms its more likely to be related to I will practise more, I’ll try and increase my average or personal best etc.

Personally I’m not a big one for new year resolutions.

Why? Well I guess I think if these changes are so important why wait until the new year?

Though I can understand that many people use the start of the new year as the reason for a change which is fair enough. But what I would say is don’t let an early failure or set back stop you. We are all full of good intentions after Christmas, wanting to achieve stuff etc but as time goes on our good intentions don’t always materialise into ongoing good actions.

This can be down to a lack of motivation, working life impact on spare time or health issues.

Take me for an example. Since Christmas I had planned to get to the gym and do more archery practise, this has failed thanks to having a chesty cough / cold for over 2 weeks. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to make the change, just that its delayed.

Guess what I am saying is, if you don’t get to the gym or have a relapse into unhealthy eating, don’t let it stop you from having another go. It doesn’t have to be New year resolution to make a change. You can make a change two weeks in or two months. Remember few things that are worthwhile work first time. Think back to when you were a child, chances are you fell over a few times before you managed to learn to walk.

One last thing I’d say…

Lots of people make new year resolutions that focus on themselves. Why not think about a resolution to help others or your club?

BAFAC workday04

Volunteer to help out at your club

All archery clubs need the support of their members, not just in turning up to shoot the course but in maintenance of the facility, clearing paths, repairing targets etc. Why not make one of your resolutions to be give up a afternoon a month to help maintain your clubs grounds or help out at a have a go session.

Anyway Happy New year all and good luck with all your endeavors this year and the future.

Thanks for reading.