End of 2016 and questions for 2017

I don’t feel that I can say 2016 ended on an archery high note for Sharon or I.

Despite through the year we were placed at several shoots and with both of us securing placings at the NFAS National Championships again this year. We feel pretty low archery wise.

So why is this the case?

Simple, In December we were sent a formal letter from the club committee, informing us we have had our club membership for 2017 refused, in effect thrown out of the club. So despite our efforts in winning medals, reroofing shelters and setting courses at the club, we weren’t wanted. As is so often the case the rumours in the archery grapevine have already started as to what has caused this. Don’t worry I’m not going to have a whole soap opera style hissy fit or start throwing accusations. What’s done is done.  So Why did happen or trigger this?

There were a number of reasons cited in the letter but in short  we’d upset long standing members of the club by our actions and behaviour, having an over-officious attitude possibly when setting course or doing safety checks. We don’t know and since there is no appeal we can’t find out.  These members had complained in writing over several months to the committee. Apparently they also believed we wanted to take over the club. I’m not going to cite the entire contents of the letter but I think you have the feel of it.

Why didn’t they just talk to us in person or committee mention the concerns rather than leave it to this final action? Who knows, guess only they do. 

What I do know is the end of the 2016 found Sharon and I clubless and thinking long and hard about our future in archery. Sharon has been very hurt and upset by the whole thing, as have I. 

We’d both like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who when they heard or read our Facebook posts and comments have offered support. Not forgetting those who have called or spoken to us directly. Please  believe me when I say we both appreciate it greatly. 

The whole thing has left me feeling numb and second guessing myself. You try your best to contribute and support your club, but I now wonder whether our actions were wanted. You do your best to set a good standard of safety and support to all members, new and old, but is it seen as a threat? As I’ve said I’ve spent a lot of time thinking and second guessing myself. It’s also made me question any future role in any club, society or whether being a panda is better plan.

Why a panda ? Well it’s a phrase I heard from a fellow archer some years ago.

Eats, shoots and leaves: a Panda doesn’t look to do anything else other than turn up, shoot their bow round the course and leave or in short just turn up and shoots without the complications or involvement. Guess it is a good way to avoid being hurt. 

Normally at this time of year  I would be looking at the shoot calendar working out which ones to book on but not so sure now.

So 2017 is a year we start clubless and unsure whether any club would now want us as members having been thrown out of a well established previous club. It’s also made me want to step back from archery. Sharon is still passionate about archery, wanting to get back out shooting. I’m less comfortable with the thought of this right now. There are many people who I miss seeing but have in the back of my mind the thought that some of the supposed friends weren’t or maybe weren’t as honest as we thought. Also wonder what people will have heard about us, after all we’ve effectively been thrown out of a club for our behaviour. 

It is said that memories last far longer than the events which trigger them and I am cursed with a long memory .

Thanks for reading. Good luck to all in 2017.