Exhausting weekend but nearly there…

Not touched bow this weekend a few arrows of the directional variety. Have spent 2 long days at the wood redesigning the course in readiness for our October shoot. With the season changing from late summer to early autumn work starts in earnest.


spider web in trees

We are hosting a 36 target mixed 3d and paper faces shoot in a couple of weeks and been planning new shots routes round wood etc. for last few weeks. This weekend saw us set the course and have it agreed by the safety officers at the club.

SVYF split the wood into two courses A and B and we (Steve, Tom, Sharon, Mary and I) were doing A course. This would mean setting 18 sets of target pegs and bosses. I’m afraid I can’t show you any photos of the course as yet, so here are a few of the amazing spider webs we found round the wood.

another spider web

another spider web this time overhead

We had a very heavy dew on Sunday and everywhere was cloaked in mist and fog. This also coated the webs in dew.

hedgerow spiderwebs

hedgerow spiderwebs

Amazingly we had all the bosses in by Saturday night leaving Sunday free for the course inspection, path clearing and signage. By 3 pm we had it open and our first club archers testing it. This is really useful as it gives us a week of the course being shot which should identify any issues.

It’s not yet 100% as still needs tweaks and couple of new paths cleared and foot bridges finished / repaired but we have next weekend for that. Next weekend we finalise the 3d targets and target faces so come the day before the shoot we can concentrate on erecting arrow nets and final target placements.

Big thanks to all that gave up their time and put so much effort in this weekend. (yes Chris that means you and Keith, and everyone else. Not forgetting Mr Strong Robin. Maybe next time, don’t wear a Mr Man T-shirt with Mr Strong on it)