Shoot Report – LEFA October 2012

Long Eaton Field Archers (LEFA) used to be one of our nearest shoots but now takes 50 -55 minutes to get there but it is still worth it though. This Sunday the mist and thick fog added to the journey time. It always amazes me the speed some people drive in fog and how many don’t have lights on.

The course was 40 3d targets with a few changes from the last shoot, but still some of the old favourites like the 3d bison.  Lunch break as always from 12:30 -1:15 which is a bit of a shame as I prefer shoot through but food was excellent. Ranch stew which was a mix of beans, bacon, sausage in tomato, perfect what a cold autumn day. The cakes were great too.

Misty shot

Misty shot at 3D deer

There were about 140 archers I think and we were lucky enough to shot with Ben and John Straw old Black Arrow colleagues. Good to see so many old friends too. Here is John shooting of the 3ds. The mist made distance judgement a bit harder at times on a few shots.

John shooting

John shooting

Sharon did very well not only winning her class but also scoring higher than the gents first place in Barebow. The results are available here.

Sharon shooting

Sharon shooting

Marshaling again next weekend, though not sure about the weather as forecast is for it to get cold with cold front from the north. Here’s hoping it stays dry.

Might decide not to camp though. Thanks for reading.

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