Literature Review – Bow International Issue 96

So here is a literature review with a slight  difference, rather than a book, this time I’m writing a review of an archery related magazine. Bow International.
Bow International

Bow International

I picked up a copy of this magazine as I was curious about its content. It had always struck me as a magazine targeting non field archers. I know a number of friends who shoot both target and field who read it, but I had never picked up a copy of my own. I’ve only thumbed through their copies. As is the norm now with such publications and  the internet I  had  viewed their website looking at some of their archive material.
The magazine itself is available via mail order or from the larger newsagents being full colour and a very professional appearing publication.
In this issue I knew that Alex Tyler  had written a review of the NFAS Nationals and Jim Kent had also written an article.
I enjoyed Jims article ‘A kind of magic’ (page 44), being a thought provoking one on instinctive archery, which goes a long way to capture what some of us instinctive archers feel when shooting.
Readers of this blog and others might have heard of Jim as he presents Merlin Archery Adventures.

Instinctive archery

Instinctive archery

Alex is a great photographer and is well known as the official NFAS photographer for all the national championships. She is also a good author, see page 48 for proof of this in her very easy to read article on the National Championships.

National Champship article

National Championship article

Whereas the magazine covers more than field archery I found it an interesting read as a field archer.  I think those interested in the latest developments with archery related technology and international tournaments will find it an interesting read. Personally I would like to see more on field archery, possibly reviews of field bows and equipment or 3D targets.
In all though I found it an interesting read and  I’ve purchased a 12 months subscription as a bit of a Christmas gift to myself.

As always thanks reading and happy new year to all.

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