Close up of Sharon shooting

How can Costa Coffee cups help your archery practice?

Sharon on the range

Sharon on the range

No, not a trick question, nor am I talking about cup shooting, and if you don’t know what Cup shooting is check out Grizzly Jim’s video here.

This is a tip from my better half Sharon came up with and was using this on our range the other day. It’s no secret that I like Costa coffee, in fact it has got to a stage where I can walk into the local Costa Coffee shop by my office and they have had my order ready for me by the time I reached the front of the queue. This means I tend to have a few spare cups floating round. Normally they get used for mixing paints or pant pots.

stack of Costa Coffee cups

stack of Costa Coffee cups

But how can they help with archery?

We have a 40 yard practice range marked out in five yard increments, behind our house. This means we can practice distances from five yards upwards, but we both like to mix up the distances we shoot from. So we might shoot a set of arrows at ten yards, then move to thirty five yards for the next set, then fifteen for the third set and so on. The key thing is not to shoot two sets at the same distance consecutively. Why? Well it improves your distance judgement.

The problem is when you are doing multiple sets it is quite easy to lose track of which distances you have shot at. Well Sharon, the ever intelligent one can up with a simple idea of how to track this using Costa cups.

First step is dropping a cup over each of the distance pegs at the beginning before you start. Then when you have shot from that distance you remove the cup to indicate you’ve shot the distance. When all cups are off the pegs, you know you’ve shot all the distances and can start again.

On the second round after you’ve shot you take the cup to the boss and stack them on top. This means when you’ve shot all the distance, all cups will be at the boss for you to collect. It is a simple and easy way of tracking the distances.

If you look at the picture below you will see some of the pegs covered and others with a coffee cup along side.

Close up of Sharon shooting

Close up of Sharon shooting

The only problem comes if it’s a windy day.

By mixing up the distances you shoot at you can develop great skills in judging distance. It is something that is mentioned in Beginner’s guide to traditional archery by Brian J Sorrells.

Thanks for reading and no this post was not sponsored by Costa coffee.


Update on the recent theft from archery club

It is nice to be able to provide some positive news of the use of social media at least in the extended archery community. Following my recent article highlighting the vandalism and thefts at Redoubtables club, along with the countless people sharing the Facebook posts and images, there has been a positive outcome.

The club has reported that the majority of the equipment has been recovered and suitable compensation for damages agreed. They can’t currently go into details but things are definitely sounding positive. The Facebook post has now been taken down by the club.

Well done everyone and thanks for reading.



Another archery club vandalised and equipment stolen


Redoubtables – North Wales

I find it sad I am writing a post  on yet another archery  club who have fallen victim to theft and vandalism. On Thursday night I saw a shared post on Facebook concerning the Redoubtable club in North Wales.

The initial post stated how club’s hut had been broken into and there had been some thefts sadly further information came to light of the extent of the damage and behaviour of the individuals involved.

Not only had the club been broken into but all of their coaching equipment had been stolen. A full list is shown below and as you can see it was quite extensive. So keep an eye on eBay and other sites for archery equipment.

  • 8 Quivers
  • 3 Barnett bows
  • 1 Barnett lil Sioux
  • 1 Green junior bow
  • 1 Yellow junior bow
  • 2 Sherwood bows
  • 1 Recurve Ragim
  • 1 Rec Quicks
  • 1 Rec longshot
  • 1 Rec core
  • 1 Rec optimo
  • 1 Rec panther
  • 1 Rowland snake
  • 1 Left handed Ragim recurve.
  • 26 Assort tabs
  • 20 Assorted arm guards
  • 70 Assorted arrows

Sadly that was not all they did as they took time to vandalise several 3ds, some of which were new and yet to have been shot, sawing off heads and legs, not all of which have been recovered making repairs impossible.

Destroyed 3Ds

Destroyed 3Ds

This is a huge hit for any club and must have taken some planning and time on the part of the thieves to accomplish.

The individuals, yes, I am calling them individuals and not demonising them or name calling. Some may find that strange, but they are people who have a different morale code of conduct. We shouldn’t resort to name calling. Yes be angry and upset, yes let off steam and vent frustration but let’s not reduce our shelves to their level.

CCTV captured two of the individuals using the bows to shoot at farmers live stock. Fortunately their archery skills are as poor as their moral code and no animals were injured but it could have been much worse. I’ve embed the post here.

What can we do?

I wrote a post back in April (  on securing your club some ideas of what you can do with trail cameras.

Also keep an eye open for suspicious activity or on auction sites where equipment may be sold.

I suggest we all take this weekend to check your clubs security maybe set up some trail cameras, tidy away any tools that thieves could use.

Thanks for reading