Regrets in archery

I think we all have things we regret in life. The path not taken or possibly the path we shouldn’t have travelled.

I always think the saddest ones come from ones actions where you are trying to help or improve things for others, but results in costing you heartache.

For me the biggest regret revolves round it standing for a club safety officer position several years ago at a local club and how it resulted in myself and Sharon being blocked from remaining members. I’m not going to go into details but this had such a huge impact on us in the years hence and to this day I blame myself for trying to help. All I wanted to do was help,  nurture and improve if possible, not control or manage.

Guess the old phrase the road to hell is paved with good intentions is true. No wonder so many people fail or feel they have.

Recent weeks and months have made me think carefully about my future in archery. I look back and am filled with doubts. I’m not an expert, and made a point of this time and time again. I’m just a well meaning amateur trying to help where I can. Passing on what little I’ve learned and experiences to help others.

I’ve struggled with motivation for podcasts and writing recently. I still enjoy coaching but feel less confident of my actions and advice. It would be fare to say I have a daily struggle with confidence, second guessing myself. Time will tell I guess.

Thanks for reading.