Does My Stance Affect My Head Position?

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I have a question: how does the foot stance affect your ability to rotate your head into a good position for shooting. I’ve been thinking about this and it seemed to me a closed stance can limit the head rotation. Taken to an extreme closed position it would inhibit your ability to rotate your head, having to look over your bow shoulder, not that you’d shoot from a stance like that. The trade off is that a closed stance has been key to getting good alignment into my shot.


The stance can indeed affect the position of the head but turn your thinking around. The arrow needs to point at target center (it needs to be in or very near a plane going through target center because if launched at an angle to that plane, it will only get farther and farther away from that plane as it…

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Question to all archers – How do you overcome a bad shot?

How do you overcome a bad shot or a poor round?
Whether this means a missed target or reduced score.
What do you say to yourself to buck yourself up or doesn’t it effect you?
What coping mechanism or strategies do you apply? 
To be honest I really struggle with this in a big way and with the NFAS national championships in a few days I’m feeling less confident than ever.
Looking forward to your answers.
Thanks for reading,