Lessons learned from last night disastrous practice

Last night we headed to the wood for some practise as I know I need it. The following are the hard lessons I learned. I hope you learn from my mistakes.
  • Don’t go to the wood to practice after a long tiring day of work. Might seem good to get some practise in but really wasn’t.
  • Don’t try and practice as dusk approaches as depth perception is poor and you can’t see where your arrows land.
  • Don’t get stressed and agitated about the shoot.  this is a lot harder than it sounds and something I completely failed at.
  • Don’t let your frustration effect those around you. Sorry Sharon for my mood.
  • Don’t keep practicing when it’s not going well you just get more frustrated and smash arrows.
  • There are no easy or quick fixes no matter how much reading you do, searches of the net, youtube videos watched. Sometimes things just don’t gel.

I believe it is fair to say that I’m heading to this years NFAS championships with less conference than ever before in both myself and my shooting. I’m feeling very low and racked with doubts about my ability and capabilities. It’s not just archery related there are things going on at work which I can’t go into but its all having an effect.

 I really appreciate all the positive comments, advice and support that has been offered me. Thank you. I wish I could convert them all  in to confidence. Good luck to all heading to the national championships.

Thanks for reading.