Off the Arrow Shelf Podcasts

Off the Arrow Shelf Podcasts

As many of you will know about 6 months ago I started producing podcasts having been inspired by others in the UK and beyond. Mine are aimed at supporting field archery in the UK. I now have a back catalogue of some recordings so I thought it a good time to start promoting them.

In the latest podcast I try and answer a followers question. Thanks for reading and listening

Episode 35 – Happy New Year for 2022 Off the Arrow Shelf

Happy New Year all. First podcast of 2022 and I hope it finds you all well and happy. In this podcast I mention how good it is to have Angel Garcia of High Power Archery podcasts back again, along with Anthony from Off Centre Archers. I try to explain why I'm not sponsored or use this podcast and website to generate funds. I go into some details about the joys of coaching a young club member as they go through their Duke of Edenborough award. There is a slight footnote to this recording where I explain the Duke of Edenborough awards scheme Also I explain why now is a good time to be looking at your clubs field courses and possibly mapping out new shots. I really enjoy getting feedback from listeners and any questions or thoughts let me know, you can drop me an email on  or via the website Stay safe, enjoy your archery and thanks for listening. #bows #arrows #fieldarchery #archerycoaching #archeryfamily #archery #archerypodcast #archerylife #archer #tradarchery #traditionalarchery #archeryadvice #archerytips #bowandarrow #bow #arrow #archeryfamily #flatbow #barebow #offthearrowshelf #recurvebow #takedownbow #longbow #onepiecebow #bow #targetpanic #highpowerarchery #offcentrearchers
  1. Episode 35 – Happy New Year for 2022
  2. Episode 34 – a look at some archery related books
  3. episode 33 – a coaching question – takedown or one-piece recurve
  4. Episode 32 – A Coaching Sunday
  5. episode 31 – coaching tip about media in archery

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