Off the Arrow Shelf Podcasts

Off the Arrow Shelf Podcasts

As many of you will know about 6 months ago I started producing podcasts having been inspired by others in the UK and beyond. Mine are aimed at supporting field archery in the UK. I now have a back catalogue of some recordings so I thought it a good time to start promoting them.

In the latest podcast I try and answer a followers question. Thanks for reading and listening

Episode 61 – NFAS voting and discussion on coaching tips Off the Arrow Shelf

In this episode of the podcast I talk a little what has been going on over the last couple of weeks, including having some guest archers at the wood for a taster of field archery. I detail a few thoughts on the importance of voting on the NFAS proposals that are now live. Also I discuss the idea of preparing for different situations in your practice such as drawing down from a shot, uneven footing etc I also reference another podcast so if you get chance check out Modern outdoor survival podcasts ( If you have any question or thoughts let me know, drop me an email on or via the website Good luck for the new year. Stay safe, stay well and thanks for listening. #bows #arrows #fieldarchery #archerycoaching #archery #archerypodcast #archerylife #archer #bowsandarrow #tradarchery #traditionalarchery #bowandarrow #bow #arrow #archeryfamily #3darchery #tradarchery #traditionalarchery #barebow #flatbow #recurve #NFAS #foamtargets #efaa #compoundbow
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