Off the Arrow Shelf Podcasts

Off the Arrow Shelf Podcasts

As many of you will know about 6 months ago I started producing podcasts having been inspired by others in the UK and beyond. Mine are aimed at supporting field archery in the UK. I now have a back catalogue of some recordings so I thought it a good time to start promoting them.

In the latest podcast I try and answer a followers question. Thanks for reading and listening

Episode 51 – Club shoot report Off the Arrow Shelf

So this episode focuses on the Briar Rose Field Archers shoot , which took place last weekend. Offering some thoughts on how it went and how we set up a chrono to measure bow speeds etc. I enjoy getting feedback from listeners and any questions or thoughts let me know, drop me an email on or via the website Stay safe, stay well and thanks for listening. #bows # arrows #fieldarchery #archerycoaching #archery #archerypodcast #archerylife #archer #bowsandarrow #tradarchery #traditionalarchery #bowandarrow #bow #arrow #archeryfamily #nfas #3darchery #tradarchery #traditionalarchery #barebow #flatbow #recurve
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