Archery equipment stolen in Midlands UK

Happy New Year to all readers and followers. I hope everyone had a good Christmas and wasn’t as unfortunate as myself who is still recovering from flu which I had over Christmas and New Year.

Sadly it’s not a great start for my good friend, fellow club member and coaching buddy, Andy who had his car broken into yesterday and had nearly all his archery gear stolen.
I’ve included  the text 0f his posting on the NFAS Facebook group which provides a description of all the stolen items below along with a picture Andy has given me of him shooting the bow.

Andy and the now stolen bow

Andy and the now stolen bow

“Some low life has stolen my Compound Bow set up from Blackheath in West Midlands.

If anyone is offered any of the following on the cheap please let me know.

Bowtech Carbon Knight 50-60lb that has a metal D-loop fitted
Cartel Stabilzers with a mybo off set bracket
Decut sight/MAC ten zone scope
Cartel kick stand

Arrows all marked up with Andy Robinson-Morris  for NFAS

10 500 spine Easton Fat Boys Red Flecthings
8 2212 Easton Eclipse Red Fletching
6 500 Gold Tip UltraLight Entrada green fletchings

all of the above were in a negrini hard case
Fivics quiver
Tru Ball Max Pro 4 Release aid
Cartel brace height gauge
gompy hair tab
Tanto style knife on the quiver belt.

Plus a black plastic extendable Avalon Arrow Tube containing a dozen wooden arrows (teal and white fletchings)”

Please help me get the message out to keep an eye out for Andys gear.
Thanks for reading.